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Supporting Selected Enterprises Growing Their Businesses Since 2010

OctOpi Limited is a boutique business development advisory established since 2010 to support the market entry of small and
medium international companies into high growth countries in the Middle East ,Central Asia, East Europe and West Africa.

Our Philosophy

Globalization can still serve SMEs as much as it benefits big corporations, and those that excel in their local environments have what it takes to grow
above and beyond. There are many successful and high potential SMEs that are either unable or unaware of how to break from their traditional identities
despite huge opportunities to excel in new markets and to serve different customers.

Our strength lies in spotting these opportunities and creating mediums for these companies to explore new markets where they can benefit, adapt and
create value

Our Approach

The success of our engagements is only measured by the actual results we achieve

Facilitating Market Entry

We deliver actual results in the form of new contracts, agreements and purchase orders

Enabling Local Partners

We align our revenue model with the value created from the transferred knowledge

Creating Sustainable Impact

Our impact is defined by the number of new jobs created, cultural bridges built, efficiencies enhanced and financial gains made to the involved parties

Our impact is defined by the number of new jobs created, cultural bridges built, and value added to the involved parties

How We Do It

Scout for Opportunities

We are always on the lookout for successful SMEs or business models that have potential to expand or be replicated in new markets.

360˚ Assessments

We connect with these businesses , their founders and their customers to micro analyze their capabilities and assess their competitive advantages before we take a partnership role in their promotion journey.

Search for fit

We then reach out to our network of clients and advisors to identify suitable opportunities for our partner entities. We look for business gaps where the potential SME can create and add value to the different involved stakeholders.

Launch Business Development Process

From there on we support with market entry strategies, pre-qualification, pricing, contract administration and whatever it takes to build the business bridge and allow our qualified partner to prosper and carry on its mission.

Contact Us

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    2101 Cedar Springs Road Dallas, Texas

    1202 The Maze Tower Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    USA: 001-(214) 347 05891

    UAE: 00971-(04) 275 6319

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    [email protected]