Ocriculum Archeological Park

Ocriculum Archeological Park

The remains of the ancient Roman town, crossed by the Flaminia road and lapped by a bend of the Tiber, are located in a natural landscape of significant beauty, perfect synthesis of archaeology and nature that remained unchanged throughout centuries.

The main monuments of the ancient Roman inhabited area are currently clearly visible in the town of Ocriculum, that can be visited through pedestrian trails: the area of the Forum and the Basilica, the huge monument of the Big Substructures, the Theatre, the Therms, a monumental entrance pylon, a big Nymphaeum, a paving segment of the Ancient Flaminia road overlooked by a rounded funerary Monument and a public source, the Amphitheatre, huge funerary monuments and, on the right of the Roman town, along the Flaminia State Road, the archaic Necropolis (7th century B.C.).

Integral part of the itinerary is the visit to the Casale St. Fulgenzio Antiquarium hosting a hall dedicated to educational laboratories and a permanent archaeological exhibition made of unseen artefacts, found during the excavation campaigns carried out in the Ocriculum archaeological area from 1960 to 2005. Notably interesting, among the exhibited archaeological artefacts, are: pre-Roman bucchero pottery, several decorative terracotta, bricks, cinerary urns, portraits and marble sculptures.


Source: https://www.umbriatourism.it/en_US/-/parco-archeologico-di-otricoli-e-antiquarium-di-san-fulgenzio-otricoli

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