Norcia, Umbria

Norcia, Italy, is a charming town in the high country of Umbria, Italy that is probably most famous in modern times for its pork products. Norcia was always well-known for hunting, especially for wild boar, and its production of sausages, capocollo, salumi and hams made from wild boar and domestic swine has given a word to the Italian language – norcineria – a pork butcher’s shop. Other important ingredients of local cuisine are the black truffle, available November to March, and the lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia. Pork sausages, black truffles, cheese and the lentils are the basic ingredients of Norcia’s authentic and savoury local cuisine. Be sure to try a plate of sausages and lentils while you’re there.


Orvieto, Italy

There are tonnes of things to do in Orvioto. This page will not do justice. Visit the tripadvisor page for more information:

Cascata delle Marmore

Romans built the world’s tallest artificial waterfall in 271 BC